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Brazil | Rio de Janeiro

The French-Speaking Relocation Network

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ADP Relocation

Rua Vinicius de Moraes, 197

BR-22411-010 Rio de Janeiro

+55 21 997 569 872

Eric Klitschr

Founder & Director

BR-Alexandra Alliat de Pierrefixe.jpg

Our Services:

  • Move management,

  • Preparatory and preliminary visit, 

  • Real estate research,

  • Post-installation assistance,

  • Departure assistance,

  • Tailor-made services on request.

Covered Territories:

  • Rio de Janeiro

Company Description & History:

Excellence, our commitment.

We know that change is not easy. Since 2016, the Adp relocation team has accompanied different families in their installation and adaptation to life in Brazil. It's not just about finding an apartment, but also a complete and tailor-made analysis of the needs of the expatriate arriving in Rio.

For individuals: 
We believe that the installation phase is essential for an efficient and serene integration in Rio de Janeiro, as in any other expatriation. You will be greeted by French people who understand your expectations and criteria and who themselves have been through an expatriation.
We go further by welcoming our clients as friends and facilitating their integration into the French community.
The success of your installation is the basis of our success. 

For companies:
We adapt ourselves to each company and define with them the level of service best suited to each of their expatriates/collaborators.
We offer a tailor-made and personalized service taking into account the constraints of budget, security, neighbourhood, schools or transportation to find their home sweet home.

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