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Ivory Coast

The French-Speaking Relocation Network

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Africa Relocation Services

10 BP 991 Abidjan 10,

109 Boulevard Giscard d'Estaing,


​Ivory Coast

+225  21241907

Marina Sauzet

Founder & Director


Our Services:

  • Reception at the airport

  • Meet & Greet and Orientation Tour

  • Search for temporary and permanent accommodation

  • Settling in

  • School search

  • Visa and Immigration

  • Tenancy & Expenses management

  • Intercultural training

  • Language training

  • Car Rentals

  • Administrative and logistical support

  • Departure services

Covered Territories:

  • Ivory Coast

Company Description & History:

AFRICA RELOCATION SERVICES (A.R.S) SA was established in 2007 to meet the ever-increasing need for mobility assistance in Africa, a corollary of globalization. Companies, international organizations and individuals are increasingly expanding their business activities in other countries. We specialize in providing immigration and relocation services to individuals, companies and regional and international organizations moving to Africa. Our services are designed to facilitate the relocation process for our clients. Our objective is to ensure that each relocation project entrusted to us is a positive experience for the expatriate and his family.

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