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Purpose of our Network

The French-Speaking Relocation Network

Who are we?


The Bienvenue! network is made up of Relocation companies that share the same values.


Their first decision was to set up a precise code of ethics, taking into account the specificities of the regulations in force according to the country, intended to be put forward to clients, whether they are companies or individuals.


This code of ethics has as a guideline the respect of the customer and the transparency of the processes. It prohibits all Members of the Network, who signed it at the time of their membership, from accepting missions for which they do not have the required skills or are not qualified to carry out them.


It stipulates, among other things, to :


To the profession " Always maintain the dignity, honour and reputation of the profession. To compete with one's colleagues only in a fair manner. Never to damage the reputation or work of others, either negligently or intentionally".

Towards clients " Acting in all circumstances in the legitimate interest of the client, accomplishing professional missions with integrity and loyalty. Inform the client of any conflict of interest that may arise in the accomplishment of his task. Commit to respect the confidential nature of the information communicated by the client, and to work within the framework of the RGPD regulations in force".

More broadly, "Not to accept any financial remuneration, directly or indirectly, that could compromise the independence of judgment".

The Members of the network, who clearly display on the Bienvenue! site what missions they are able to carry out, are all independent people of human size.

Their common objective is the quality of their services, at the risk of being excluded in case of default.

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