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AWT, All World Transport, a French and independent company, has specialized in international removals and furniture storage for 30 years, for our clients, large accounts and companies for whom we move their employees around the world.

A human-sized and reactive company, its staff and own movers, highly qualified and experts in their field, are committed to offering quality services with the sole objective of customer satisfaction.


AWT offers "door-to-door" removals to its clients and relies on its network of international agents, FIDI (Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux) to meet the demands of international removals.




Our experience and expertise as well as our size allows us to have the reputation of an international mover offering quality services to our customers:

  • Door-to-door management of removals from France or any other country, but also of cross-divisional removals not passing through France;

  • Single point of contact for the expatriate but also for the decision-maker of the client company;

  • Expert in customs formalities;

  • Management of the insurance file by the unique interlocutor who is personally in charge of the follow-up with the client and the insurance company;

  • Quality software for the follow-up of the removals but also a "Tracking" service allowing the customer to follow the evolution of his removal;

  • Reactivity in the possibility of carrying out technical visits at home or by video at the customer's request.




  • AWT is one of the first French companies to have obtained FAIM certification, the only existing quality standard in international moving and mandatory to be part of FIDI.

  • AWT has recently received the "Quality Mover" label from SIRELO, a digital platform for referencing the best movers. AWT was ranked 1st in the top 8 movers and the "Quality Label" was awarded for the quality of its services and customer satisfaction.

  • AWT is also very proud of its labelling within the MAGELLAN circle.




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