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The French-Speaking Relocation Network


Obtaining work permits and visas can be difficult and time-consuming. Our network provides full administrative support to employees throughout the work permit process, and will act on their behalf whenever possible.

School Search

An essential aspect of a successful family relocation is choosing the right school for the children. Our network will help to assess the available options, understand where places are available, accompany the school visits and support the application process.

Departure Assistance

Our departure programme guarantees the completion of the necessary cancellations and de-registrations on time, in cooperation with the assignee (on his/her behalf), before and after the move to the next destination.

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Intercultural Training

A successful relocation will require a full professional and cultural integration at the new destination. Our network of intercultural trainers provides training programmes suited to the expatriates’ and their families’ needs.

Leasing a Home
Home Search

Finding the right area to live in and the right home is essential to a successful relocation. Our network will help the expatriate to find the perfect home, one that meets their individual requirements.


Our network with assist with the various registrations and contracts to be set up, banking, and health, allowing employees to integrate more quickly in their new environment.

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Spousal Assistance

Our network will provide assistance for spouses with their career orientation and/or continuation, helping them to make the right decisions in the new country.

Move Coordination

Moving household goods to a new residence and a new country can be time-consuming and stressful. Our network can coordinate the entire process throughout with quality providers.

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