The French-Speaking Relocation Network

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Troika Relocations

24/7, rue Myasnitskaya,

bâtiment 3, bureau 513

101000, Moscou



+7 495 621 9057

David Gilmartin

Fondateur & Directeur

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Our Services:

  • Search for accommodation,

  • Discovery & Orientation,

  • Installation assistance,

  • Schooling (Assistance in the choice, admission and enrolment in a school),

  • Departure management

  • Rental Management.

  • Concierge service,

  • Administrative formalities

  • Work permit.


Covered Territories:

  • Troîka Relocations covers the whole of Russia, and can guarantee an accompaniment in French in Moscow. Troika has 7 employees, 5 consultants in Moscow and 2 in St Petersburg.

Company Description & History:

 Founded in 2007, Troika Relocations is currently the largest independent provider of a full range of destinations and immigration services in Russia.

We are in partnership with RMCs, multinational and Russian companies, as well as public institutions and embassies.

Troika is at the forefront of the Relocation industry in Russia, being involved in a few main areas such as Technologies, Compliance, Quality and Customer Services. It is renowned in the circles of HR professionals and mobile employees, recognized as the best relocation company on this market.

Our consultants are present throughout Russia, as well as in Azerbaijan and Belarus".